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Best Training Collar for Dog – Know What You Want From Your Dog

best training collar for dog

All sorts can begin training their dogs through best training collar for dogs. Dogs do have limited intelligence and the trick is to capitalize on that limitation.

Your dog is always willing to learn a few tricks, but it will not learn that easily. Giving them the bait of an extra bone or special biscuits will make them start. Ensure that even through harsh means, they learn that there is a specific place for resting or eating. They should learn to respect their space.



 Best Training Collar for Dog for All Situations 

Hygiene is another strong factor, which will differentiate your dog from stray dogs. They should enjoy their baths even if it costs you periodic rewards. Give them ample time to play and roam freely in your courtyard. Keep specific times for their leashing. At those times, give them free movement of 4 to 5 feet. Use soft training collars for dogs in these times like buckle collars.

If you cherish a hunting dog, first get a natural hunting breed and then let them hunt small birds by showing them the way. If you want a trick dog, teach it gentle tricks with the fear of tough collars like prongs and shock collars. Slowly but surely, they will come to terms that it is better to learn tricks than get a shock wave.

 Comfort Is a Must When Fitting Training Collars for Dogs 

Comfort level of dogs should be kept at a premium while placing these best training collar for dogs. They should not be too taut on neck. Breakaway collars are great in that respect as when your dog pulls, it will break free. With tight leashes, they will not only incur neck wounds, but will also choke for breath. You may use different colors for different collars so that dog gets an impression as to what it is going to suffer from.

 Can Puppy Use Dog Traning Collars? 

Be particularly easy on puppies. At that stage, they will pick up tricks rather fast. Using prong or slip collars on them will be inhuman. After an age, their bearing capacity increases and some punishment is not bad. Use of muzzles or a cage also has quick-fire effect on your dog. Take your dog to regular vet sessions and make it feel that bad behavior will elicit an injection.

Even if you are a greenhorn trainer, you can do your job well with some instinct, tricks and best training collar for dog.

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