Dog Food Comparison

Understanding the different types of dog food

Like all people who have dogs as pets you must be keen on keeping your dog strong and healthy and feeding your pet the right food. If you discuss this concern with other dog lovers they will be sure to share their experiences with you and offer some good advice. Though good food is just one aspect of having a healthy and happy your pappy, it is an important factor of pet care. This article is based on feedback from different dog owners about the comparison of different types of dog food and you’ll surely find the information useful, specially if you’ve newly got yourself a pet dog.


different types of dog food

The following is an overview of the different types of food you can give your pet dog. This will help you to understand the different dog food options properly before deciding which one would suit your dog the best.


 Raw Dog Food  

This has been the traditional choice for feeding pet dogs for generations and is still a popular option. Dogs who have to fend for themselves in the woods feed on raw meat and sustain themselves that way. It is, therefore, the most natural form of dog food. Raw Food provides dogs with the necessary nutrition and keeps them strong and their bodies in good shape.

If you want to feed your dog raw meat, you will have to make sure it is fresh. Stale meat could be rotten and make your dog sick. Not just meat, even meaty bones are god for keeping your dog healthy. But don’t make the mistake of giving your dog cooked bones. They have to be raw. When you cook bones, they tend to become brittle, and while chewing on them a splinter could hurt or injure your dog.


 Homemade dog food  

Many pet owners go in for home-made dog food because it is cheaper and you can adjust the taste and nutritional benefits yourself. That way you can ensure that your dog will enjoy his food and also keep good health.

There are several recipes available for cooking different types of dog food at home. So try them out and see which ones your dog likes the best. Another advantage of cooking your dog’s food is that you can minimize the chances of your pet eating infected food and falling sick. Besides, you can be sure what your dog is eating is real food without any useless fillers which don’t have any nutritional value.


 Commercial dog food  

For those who don’t mind the extra cost, there is a whole range of ready-made dog food available in the market. There are options even for those who want to feed their dog’s real food. Such people can go in for canned (wet) food for their dogs instead of the kibble (dry) type. Available in packed containers, dog owners can customize different meal plans for their pets according to their dietary requirements by using such food. Though a comparatively costlier option, it is also the most convenient way of feeding pet dogs, saving you the time and bother of preparing your pet’s food yourself. If cost is a problem, you could use this whenever you’re traveling with your pet or when you don’t have the time to prepare something for your dog from scratch.

All dog foods have the ingredients mentioned on the pack. So make sure you choose the ones whose main ingredient is meat, for these would be the best choice for your pet dog. Often dog food could have other ingredients like grains, fruits and vegetables. If preservatives are used, the preferred options should be natural Vitamin C or Vitamin E.

Besides the grocery store, you could also pick up dog foods at feed stores, organic food stores and veterinary clinics. Also, remember to check the brand and its reputation before choosing any commercial dog food.

Finally, if you have any doubts consult your veterinarian for expert advice.

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