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How to Training Your Puppy – Tips and Tricks


how to train your puppy

Dogs can be rowdy, cute, and loveable all at the same time. However, if you want a grown up dog to behave the way you want, then you need to learn how to train your puppy. Some people may ignore training their pets and would rather play with them instead. These people usually have regrets later on when their dogs cause them difficulty.

Training at a young age is good to do especially with large dog breeds. Puppies are smaller and easier to manage, and they can carry their knowledge well into their adult years. They also react well to training as they have only little experience in misbehaving. Knowing that you need to start early is important but not the only step to owning a well-behaved dog.

One thing to keep in mind is that just like humans, dogs also have personalities, and knowing your dog’s is also important when training. Is he more active at day or at night? Does he prefer a flavor of treat over another? Animal personalities vary widely just as human personalities do which you need to work around of at times.

Another thing to keep in mind is how dogs learn in the wild: they live in packs and follow a leader. In your home, establishing that you embody the role of pack leader is important for your dog to follow your commands. As training your puppy is essentially teaching them proper behavior, everyone who’s had experience with school knows that learning and studying can be a very tiring activity. Straining your dog too much for extended periods of time can be stressful for your dog, which could lead to him/her being unable to learn. A good owner must learn to moderate training, or else your dog would not pay attention and ultimately fail to learn.

But before proceeding, what are you exactly training your dog to do? Despite having some ideas on how to train your puppy, you need to be specific on the training you are going to give him/her. Do you want him/her to stay off the couch? Would you want that he/she lie down at your command? Even though it depends on your preference what and what not to teach your dog, sometimes it depends upon his/her personality. For instance, small dogs such as Dachshunds may have an attraction to hideaways and burrowing into gardens. This could be prevented by spending outside in your garden and satisfying their need to go outside.

Training your puppy is both rewarding and tiring. This is a way wherein you combine work and play with your pet and thus can become an enjoyable activity for the both of you. But sometimes, there are things that the most experienced dog owner cannot know how. To train your puppy in areas where you lack, it is best to invest in a professional dog trainer. Although it will cost you, the amount of knowledge your dog will gain and the relief it will cause you is surely worth it.

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