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When to Use a Dog Training Collar?

Use a Dog Training Collar

A dog training collar is a very meticulous way of controlling your dog. It comes in many shapes and kinds. There are different breeds of dogs with different mindsets and attitudes. Accordingly, there are different types of collar to control them. Dog together with a collar in an experienced hand makes up for a nice sight.

When you keep them tied to a post or other things, make sure that they are given some movement. Otherwise, they will pull on their leashes unnecessarily and make the noose tighten more. Don’t use prongs or tight collars in their resting or playing phases. Also, allow them enough time to play and make merry with kids in your family.

When it is time for their lessons, make sure that they are ready for it. A little reward for starters will do the job perfectly fine. Making them stand on their heels, or urinate in secluded areas or eat their food in polite manners are the starting phases of your lessons. Make them bark less and certainly not without reason. For this, you may use a dog training collar like shock collar or Martingale. Don’t however make them feel pain while barking. That will only aggravate their anger.

Dog in season and bitch in heat get somewhat out of control. If possible, allow them the company of their mates in this period, otherwise, it will grow troublesome. If you can’t do it, treat it with refinement and a little love during such time. Make them understand by hook or by crook that it is a criminal offense to bite anyone on the park or just like that. Merely ignoring them for a long while will teach them manners in such case.

While placing a dog training collar on your pet, assess a few things from the vet. The dog should not have allergy from your collar material. It is not human to use tough collars on dogs under 1 year of age. If they have a sizeable wound on their neck, stay away from putting collars. Keep good track of their hygiene and disinfect any wound they carry. Dogs are natural hunters. Yet, they can be taught more if you involve yourself into the act. Make them relate the act of hunting with a typical collar.

A dog training collar will only teach your pet some discipline. Pet-discipline is equally important for the well-being of your pet.

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